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Your Auto Service: Made Easy and All Covered in Homestead

Need a quick auto repair for your ride? After all, it’s no secret that proper auto care begins with scheduling regular maintenance and service when needed—and that’s across all makes and models, whether it’s a high mileage Jeep Grand Cherokee that you use for your commutes or a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that you only bust out on the weekends. So, keep your rides in peak condition and schedule maintenance today.

Looking for assistance with the costs? Don’t let money hold you back from scheduling car service, as we offer auto repair finance to look out for your budget. Think of this service as a personal loan for your vehicle—you make affordable monthly payments as you cruise in your ride after we finish our maintenance. Best of all, our car repair finance application only takes minutes to fill out—so get started today. Until then, for all your auto repairs at a price that fits your financial plan, schedule your service with Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead to help your cruiser remain in premium condition.

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Auto Repairs: Where We Specialize in Everything FCA

For nearly any repair or service that comes to mind, we’re here for you—conveniently in the Homestead, FL area. As your local repair shop, we cover your oil changes, transmission fixes, bodywork, and even figure out why your check engine light is powered on (and more importantly, solve the issue). Plus, even though we specialize in Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM vehicles, we’re happy to work with any model you bring to us. For your automotive needs, count on us at Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead to get the job done right for you at an affordable rate.

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Oil Changes: The Trick to Keeping Your Motor Running

One of the most essential auto repairs involves keeping up with your motor oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles (or roughly every 90 days as a rule of thumb) to help your engine parts run smoothly without excess damage-causing friction. Best of all, we enhance the experience by offering your choice between synthetic blend, conventional oil, or high mileage oil to optimize your ride and driving style. We also offer plenty of brands to choose from as well as oil change coupons to help keep your costs low—not to worry if you’re not sure where to start, as a member of our team is always eager to assist and answer questions.

You’re Working with the Best: Certified Pros for Your Ride

Take your car to us, and only AES-trained experts touch anything under your hood or make any repairs. These technicians also use genuine OEM parts from Mopar (approved by the vehicle manufacturer) to help everything run as the manufacturer intended. Plus, because our professionals are factory trained, they not only know the differences between a Dodge Charger from a Dodge Challenger, but they also understand how to use proper equipment and techniques to help vehicle repairs go quickly and precisely.

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“Stop” the Awkward Drives with Expert Brake Repair

No denying your brakes are one of your best performance and safety features. After all, how else can you avoid fender benders or prepare for aggressive and action-packed turns without a functioning set of brakes? Also, don’t forget that neglecting your brake service leads to an obnoxious grinding/screeching sound whenever you tap your pedal—so, help restore your premium, quiet, and controlled drives with a brake service. When you work with us at Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead, our technicians know all about how rotors, brake pads, drums, and more work to help you stop on demand once again (and without the annoying sounds).

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Battery Service: Charge off to Your Next Destination

Whether you’re noticing dim headlights or experiencing issues getting your engine to turn over, a faulty battery is often your culprit—and it’s even worse when you get stuck in a parking lot from a completely dead power source. Thankfully, our certified technicians know how to check your battery’s current status before major issues begin. Plus, we have a variety of brands to choose from when you’re ready for a replacement so that you can hit the road at your pace and budget.

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Tire Service: Keep Your Wheels Moving and Adventures Going

Quality performance and safety in your drives begin with a fresh set of tires—but over time, your tread balds, which causes sliding when you try to stop, problems when you try to remain in control, and can even prevent you from experiencing the ultimate blast off from a green traffic light. However, the solution is easy, as we offer numerous tire styles and brands depending on the places your drives take you. Also, we’re here for rotations and patching to extend the duration of your tread as long as possible, so stop by our service center today to get started.

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Wheel Alignments to Straighten Out Your Commutes and Drives

Having issues driving where you want? Whether you’re struggling to keep your ride straight or you’re feeling a jerky cruise, there’s a good chance your tires are misaligned. The cause of this issue could be anything from smacking a curb to lowering your car improperly when you perform a DIY repair. Either way, our experts at Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead can restore your cruiser with a wheel alignment today—schedule your service online to get started.

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