Need Brake Service and Brake Repairs?

Need Brake Service and Brake Repairs?

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Comprehensive Auto Repairs and Brake Service

At Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead, we have earned a reputation for premium customer service. This is evident within our collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles, as well as our CDJR service center where we perform comprehensive auto repairs, brake service and brake repairs.

We are pleased to house a state-of-the-art service center with a full menu of auto repairs. Contact us today to schedule service or access our interactive online service scheduling platform when it’s time for new brake pads, brake rotors and brake calipers. Our team is here to serve you – and serve you well – while ensuring your brake system is ready to perform.

What Does Brake Service Involve?

At our CDJR service center, brake service is our specialty. However, we are also committed to helping our customers learn more about why brake repairs are needed by detailing the brake system in depth. Your brake system consists of several components, including brake pads, brake calipers and brake rotors. All working parts collaboratively allow you to stop as needed and without any complications.

In order for your brakes to work properly, the hoses from the main line must carry fluid to the brake calipers. At each service visit for brake repairs, our team inspects these hoses to ensure they have not deteriorated or cracked. An additional part of brake service includes an inspection of the brake calipers. This element of your brake system makes it possible for you to stop by squeezing the brake pads against the brake rotors.

The brake pads grip the brake rotors to help your wheels from spinning and serve as the shoes of your brake system. When the brake pads connect to the brake rotors, pressure is applied to the brake system to help the vehicle stop safely.

When Do I Need Brake Repairs?

The timeline for brake service varies based on your vehicle’s make and model, your driving habits and road conditions. On average, we recommend replacing brakes between 30,000 to 60,000 miles and replacing brake rotors every 70,000 miles. The timeline for replacing brake pads can vary based on wear and tear.

There are some tell-tale signs, though, that can help you know when it’s time to schedule brake service at our auto repair center. In most cases, you may begin to notice a squealing or grinding sound when you press on the brake pedal. In addition, some drivers notice that the steering wheel begins to shake when you apply the brake or the vehicle experiences unusual vibrations when driving.

If it takes you longer to stop or you have to apply more pressure than usual to the brake pedal, we recommend scheduling brake service immediately. Our brake service and brake repairs are comprehensive and include an inspection of the brake calipers, brake rotors and brake pads. Each time you stop in for routine maintenance, our highly-trained service technicians will also perform an inspection of the brake system, as well as an inspection of your tires and the working parts of your engine.

Why Do I Need Brake Service?

Brake service is an essential component of maintenance to ensure that you are driving a vehicle that is safe. In addition to brake repairs, the team at our CDJR dealership also inspect the disc brake system for worn brakes, inspect for brake dust and evaluate the brake fluid exchange.

Brake fluid is an important component of your brake system. This fluid helps to keep the brake calipers and brake rotors lubricated. At times, it may be necessary to schedule a brake flush at our repair shop, especially if you’ve noticed unusual noises or the stopping power has decreased. Inquire with our team about what type of brake job is suitable for your vehicle and allow us the opportunity to inspect your vehicle brakes, master cylinder and organic pads.

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Don’t delay if you suspect you need brake repairs. The team at our premium car repair center is eager and ready to perform brake service to ensure ultimate safety on the road. Learn more about our brake service and brake repairs, as well as our full menu of auto repair services when contacting the team at Spitzer Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Homestead.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we go above and beyond to provide comprehensive auto repairs and convenience. Schedule service online today.

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